Step Across the Border | Mischa Käser

Performed on December 15th of 2015 with students of the Hochschule Luzern as part of the project Step Across the Border conducted by Sascha Armbruster and guest professo Mischa Käser.

The project Step Across the Border is an optional subject of the HSLU in which artists are invited to teach on interdisciplinarity.

Mischa Käser is a swiss composer. In the 90s he started to work on Theatermusik. He is currently member of the improvisation trio III-VII-XII, which he also funded. Read more about this.

During this project students arranged some previous compositions of Käser.


  • Emotions (eine Art Fuge für verschiedene mimische Ausdrucksweisen) for 5 performers and metronome.
  • Concerto grosso for indeterminate number of performers.
  • 3 free improvisations.
  • Aus SURUGAU – Sieben Rufe für acht Saxofone (2007). Nº 6 for 3 saxophones and nº 4 for 4 saxophones.
  • Aus LAVA (2007). Von A-Z canon for voice, saxophone and violin; Yooooo for solo voice and Digidigi for voice and percussion.
  • Aus MOMENTS MUSICAUX (1991). Lied for saxophone, guitar and violin; Der Ton C inmitten von anderen for guitar and pots; Trio Numeroso for 3 performers writing; Alea ma poca for 3 performers with dice; and Buenos Aires for 3 performers with newspaper.