Step Across the Border | Andy Guhl


Performed on October 4th of 2016 together with students from the Hochschule Luzern for the project Step Across the Border conducted by Sascha Armbruster and guest professor Andy Guhl.

The project Step Across the Border is an optional subject in which artists are invited to teach about interdisciplinary work.

Andy Guhl is a multimedia artist from St. Gallen. He exhibited his work between August 27th and October 1st in the Galleria Edizioni Periferia, Lucerne. You can read more about Resonance Rooms – Labor zur Transformation von traditionellen Musikspiel here.

During the project students worked on group improvisation, visual and electronics.


  • Pösi for amplified piano string, springs and live-visual.
  • Maudes Magic Moments for live-visual, percussion, bass and electronics.
  • Tango 1 for live-visual and electronics.
  • Homage a la Collophan for violin, electronics, amplified piano string, springs, percussion, bass, live-visual, tenor sax and sopran sax with webcam.