Emilio Guim’s Dive

Performed on January 11th of 2017 together with Ensemble of Nomads at Neubad in Lucerne.

The project Dive is a conceptual and interdisciplinary concert of Emilio Guim, composer and E-guitarist based in Switzerland. You can check more about his work in his website.


  1. Speaking of Which – P.1
  2. Miraging
  3. Speaking of Which – P.2
  4. 5-Eyes Trio Suite P.1
  5. Zum Wohl
  6. Live Together Die Alone
  7. 5-Eyes Trio Suite P.2
  8. Raised by Wolves

Performers: Talvi Hunt, Joao-Carlos Pachecho, Sonya Suldina, Juan José Faccio, Harald Kimming, Lucas Niggli and Emilio Guim.